Today, using business cards has become popular and widely used.

Business card is a small card that is printed or engraved with a person's name and business affiliation, including such information as title, address, and telephone number. Some roles of business cards such as:

Firstly, show professionalism for business units, creating reputation when working.

Secondly, provide quick information quickly and efficiently

Finally, effective advertising facilities. With business cards that are beautifully designed, impressive will help attract customers very effectively.

In different countries, there will be a way to use different business cards.

In China, the business card is printed in two languages: English and Chinese. When putting and receiving business cards, it must be used with both hands, which expresses sincerity and respect. Do not write anything on other people's business cards without their consent. On the one hand of the business card must be translated into simplified Chinese, the characters are printed with gold emulsion because yellow is a good color for Chinese people.

In Japan, Japanese people pay special attention to business cards. Business cards must be printed with premium paper material and always kept clean. People who put their business cards must be hand-made, the recipient will receive with both hands. The person who receives a business card must read it right away, then put the received business cards into your card holder. Do not take notes on other people's business cards or put their cards into your pants pockets in front of other people.

In America, Americans give each other business cards that are not as formal as Asians. They often just glance or don't even look at the business card before putting it away or putting it in their pocket. This habit does not mean that Americans do not respect their partners, because they think that it is important to focus on the person who is talking to them. However, the partner's business card is still kept by American business people to have contact information when needed, especially for those who after the conversation find it necessary to keep the relationship.

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