Electronic Toll Collection
We see ETC signs on highways here. Is it used in English-speaking
countries also? Maybe not so necessary in the US, because many
of the high/freeways are free there I think.

Thank you.
It's not an abbreviation that I'm familiar with - we have a LOT of tolls, trust me, and we do have little radio gadgets that you put on your car's windshield so you don't have to actually stop... but they're called TransPass or EZ Pass or whatever - and unfortunately, they're not universal, so one you use in New England doesn't work in the South.
Toll roads are becoming quite a hot topic in U.S. No one likes to pay for them, and the public is rather suspicious of the toll road contractors...
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Thank you very much, Barb, for the valuable information.
What does 'EZ' stand for?
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EZ stands for easy.

BTW, in Taiwan, they also use ETC.