It takes but some moments
To be loved or to love.
But it takes an eternity
To fulfill that love
My heart fills up with joy
When I think about
All those bygone days.
My eyes fill up with tears
When I think about
All those bygone moments.
It is not like yesterday today
Nor will today be tomorrow
As years, pass by
The amount of love
Might waver a lot
But the value of love
Remains eternal.
Every word that we spoke then
Was of love and with love
Every step that we took then
Was with the love
There are changes now
There are variations now
Language of love has changed
The ramp of love has changed
But there is this heart
That was beating then
For each other’s love
That beats now too
For our love together.
Hi everybody, none of u seem to be interested in continuing the thread! what's up?
Hey Anita,, give it some time. It will happen. I think it is very good. Thanks
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Beautiful. Your words just painted a perfect picture of a life experience!
Madam the poem you wrote is good and it is true. Everyone should know the meaning of love from eternal heart. Then only 💕💕💘 the meaning of love will be meaningful.
The poem is great madam. If everyone know the meaning of eternal love the meaning will be meaningful. It is true.
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The bygone days. Later, if you ask the same question to me as before: "Is it too late to apologize?". That time, I would answer yes.