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I must admit that after seeing all teams play a game, I have been most impressed with Sweden and Denmark.

Mind you, I'll stick with my original prediction of France winning the competition. Lady luck seems to be with them!!!
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Italia will win !!! ale...
What the matchs!!!It's now Czech the first team got the 1/8 round ticket. Their performance was really perfect. This is an unpredictable Euro Cup.
Last shot Czech!
With a lot of luck
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i'm sure, England will take the cup to uk... no doubt about that. you know why because
they are the best... but there will be a little difficult to defeat opposite team in Semi-Final. In semi final they are going to win on extra time, and that goal will be scored by Michle Owen. ...

i don't want to say anymore....
i don't care about others......
That's the spirit sabirapv, lets just hope we get the right result tonight.

Wow England, men in white!!!dedicating match, ev'ry match of ya!
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Chris keep smiling all the way to the finals
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