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Watch our for the Italians!
I just did...I watched them win a one way ticket back home!
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Let make a guess who will get a long stay in sunny Poturgal after the Quarter final round!
They may are England (sorry the host), France (lucky), Czech (excellent attacking) and Netherland (acrossed the thin red line).
It seems that it's gonna get an European Championship of the 'small' states Emotion: smile

The Netherlands, Greece, Portugal... ***
Portugal, go ahead - the Championship's in your country, you deserve the cup!
I've just finished watching parts of the Portugal - England game. What a nail biter. Especially the two goals in extra time. I don't like it when it comes down to penalties. It is mostly luck more than anything.
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What happened to 'La France'?. lol.
Greece might possibly win. However I am surprised by the loss of the French and English. I had earlier thought it could be either of these two.
Greece did win. I can't believe it. Yesterday (July 2nd), I tracked the match at about 2am, and I feel rather sad indeed. I'd prefer it if Czech could win. How poor of them not to win the play! They did very well all through the match.

However, congratulations, Greece, and Greece Team's fans as well.

I'm looking forward to watch the final match on July 3rd. It'll be really interesting.
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The Czech looked stronger, did'nt they. Anyway the finals should be interesting. Technically the Portuguese are better but luck has always favoured Greece.
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