Come on ladies and gentlemen, Euro 2004 in sunny Portugal is less than 2 weeks away. Time for some predictions and 'footy' chat.

So who is it going to be?

Will it be Henry, Zidane and co - favourites for the title (safe bet France)

or will it be: Germany (just trashed Malta 7 - 0 last week) never count out the Germans!

or could the cup be going south to Italy, Spain or hosts Portugal.

A good outside bet might be fot the Dutch (look at the quality up front)

or will it be the boys in white (COME ON ENGLAND!!!)

It should be a mighty competition and a close one!

I'm going to have a good think about this one and post my 'winner' later.
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i like watching football games!
i remembered my disappointment in 2000 when Italy lost the final.
i holp it will get success this time, although the competition will be very keen.
i just think that england will lost the euro ,cause i think that why england draw with japan ?i also like england but what i can said?
i just think that spain will win the euro
i just guest je, do not be engry englad fan!
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Hmm, interesting. I'm not too sure that Spain will go all the way, they have a few quality players (Morientes, Raul etc) however they rarely do well in big competitions.

As much as I want England to win, I do agree that they won't make it all the way in Portugal.

My money is on France as much as I hate to say it. Their biggest qualities are in their defensive midfielders (Viera + Makalele) and their ability to score on the counter attack (Henry, Pires, Zidane) They do have weaknesses which I hope England can expose. I think there is always a danger that they will concede goals especially with a team that plays 'free flowing football'. I also believe that they have goalkeeping problems too. Barthez is a clown and might prove to be their downfall (if he is played).
Yeah Chris, France has its 3 musketeers from Arsenal. So they are still so strong. Either France or Italy. Portugal's pace will be stoped at Semi-final round. Neitherland and England will dedicate perfect matchs, but the glory is not around the corner. Fortunately, there are many more predictions. We dont know what'll happen until the referee sounds his final whistle tune. That's the miracle of the game. Cheer
Your predictions were right!!! Spain won but they played so badly!
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Why, England's lions? You've successfully controlled the match in 90mins. Keep on supporting for you.
Did you see the England - France game? It's been a while since I've seen such a good game. (I must admit that I only saw the second half). Just when everyone thought that England had it all wrapped up, France goes and gets two goals in extra time. I bet Beckham is now kicking himself for missing the penalty. It was so strange to see such a quick 'change in the tide'. Imagine being in the stadium, such extremes of emotion.
I wish I had seen that game! If only I had known they were playing!
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