Hi, as I came across a movie that seems to warn us of integration as a step to the One World Government, I would like to ask you what do you think about the integration of states. As far as I am concerned , the only really working concept is the European Union (please let me know if you know about other integrations, which are really beneficial for their citizens).

1. Do you think that integration can unite the people together and help them to resolve their conflicts? In fact, the relationships between French and German people are better now than they used to be sixty years ago-has this anything to do with the integration?

2. Do you think that integration reduces our rights of self-government and democracy, or maybe sovereignity of nations? In my opinion in every developed country, citizens are not interested in their policital affairs and the rate of people voting is decreasing perpetually. Do we really have the reason to be afraid of losing our rights because of the integration?

Citizens of the European Union, do you feel lack of rights?
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There have always been two twins: Ying and Yang. So I don't think that the total integration is ever possible (such as One World Government or One Country). It's againts the law of nature. I suppose. Emotion: smile
No one said that we need a total integration - there are certain barriers that create the outside borders of a probable integration - Samuel Huntington in The Clash of Civilizationscalled it "civilization". You cannot unite people only because of commercial purposes, they still have to feel inner integrity. That is why the Europeans are able to unite - they share a common attitude to life in general. But what is important INTEGRATION does not mean UNIFORMITY. I do not feel like a twin brother of an Englishman (though it would be nice to have his skills English languageEmotion: smile)
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Is not attaining a one world government (a theoretical one that actually works, not one as if it were suddenly implimented today) a major goal for everyone and a totally good thing?

Nation states have been worthless since pre WW2 anyway.

EU citizens have more rights then other countries. The EU is the freest area of the planet (taking a non-absolute approach to freedom of course. Or else its Somalia)
TyrIs not attaining a one world government (a theoretical one that actually works, not one as if it were suddenly implimented today) a major goal for everyone and a totally good thing?
Try to ask Ruslana about thisEmotion: stick out tongue Or look at the thread in Controversial Subjects calledPeople behind the curtain - One World Government
lol Lawyee, I'm not the final instance truth. Emotion: stick out tongue

Tyr, your phrase ("The EU is the freest area of the planet") reminded me of a communist slogan mentioned in the USSR comedy movie and thus derided: "Viva our court! The most humane court in the world!" No offence, but it does make me smile. Emotion: smile
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By the way, I've just looked at the European Union map, and I wonder why Switzerland is not its member? Like an island in the EU area.

Any suggestions??
I would like to know whether Tyr is a citizen of the EU. If so, it's very good that he sees EU from this point of view. If not, I am delighted that foreigners treat EU this wayEmotion: stick out tongue
Treating the Switzerland as being an island "in the sea of freedom ([:P])" is not really accurate. It is the member of the EFTA (European Free Trade Association) and actually has the legal and economic system in conformity with the European system. (you may see more here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerland_and_the_European_Union ). This means that it is in conformity with the EU but people rejected to enter the Union in 1990. In fact the Swiss are not very keen on to integrate in any manner - they resisted to enter the United Nations until 2002, though they were a hosting country for many of its offices.
But you should ask someone from Switzerland. Anybody here?Emotion: thinking

As my friend, who lives and studies in Switzerland told me, Swiss like to share the advantages of the EU but enjoy being "independent" as they always have been. Though I personally believe that one day they will enter the Union.
But there is another "island" - near the Baltic states. It's Kaliningrad's zone. Hey Russian, how about to cede it to the EU?(just kidding Emotion: stick out tongue)
It is said that in Switzerland decided political and cultural factors like a defense of tradition and national independence, while Norwegians simply didn’t want to share their wealth (comes from oil) with others.
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