Which cauntry is U'r Favourite? and what do u think about u'r own cauntries song?
My idea about my cauntries song not bad but not great...
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Shake it up Shekerim
Shake It Up Shekerim!

She smiled at me said
Would you like it sweet and low
I know a place where we can
Take it nice and slow
I know what you’re thinking
Don’t stop I need that sweet thing
Telling you now this is real

Shake it up Shekerim
I know What your feeling
Shake it up Shekerim
I got what you’re needing
Shake it up Shekerim
Tell me what you’re thinking
Shake it up Shekerim
You’re only my sweet thing

She said in a sexy lazy low key
Can i make it right
You put your trust in me, I’ll take you through
The night
Don’t keep me waiting, not sure you’ re
Just how much i crave for you

Lovely dopey, lovely dopey
All the time
Gots lots of candy to make you mine

Composer: Kenan Dogulu [URL= ][/URL]
Music by: Kenan Dogulu

Video clip ==>>

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Wow..this song sounds great!:)

By the way, when is Eurovision?:)
Qualifying Round : Thursday 10th May 2007

Final : Saturday 12th May 2007
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Thanks, The_legend!:)

(Who won last year?:P)..yes, yes, I know, I know nothing about it!:)
finland was the winner last year with these creatures

[URL= ] [/URL]

Lordi was the name of the group and Hardrock Hallélujia was the name of the song...

Here ===>
I think the best performance of Turkey at Eurovision 2004 ( in TURKEY )

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It sounds good but I prefer the one of this year:D
it is u'r choice !!! Emotion: big smileEmotion: big smile Emotion: stick out tongue
hmm..yep!:) But I didn't say that I didn't like the other one!;)
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