I cannot distinguish evade and avoid, anybody help?
When meaning
to get away from
they are synonyms.

But look in a good dictionary for their multiple definitions. In general, they are not synonyms.
He's been evading me - it sounds like you have been trying to find him and he has managed to keep you from finding him.

He's been avoiding me - he has not been trying to find you at all.
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BellyI cannot distinguish evade and avoid, anybody help?
You avoid something or somebody when you keep away from them. She was getting tired of him and tried to avoid him whenever possible.

You evade something when you manage to avoid dealing with it or accept it. He was never a person who evaded responsibility or duty.

'Evade' also means 'escape'. She managed to evade the police.

Hope the above helps.
So, what is the difference between:
He’s been avoiding me all week
He's been evading me all week
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You have it right ... to evade is to escape something that is pursuing you; to avoid is to steer clear of a stationary object.

John Doe evaded capture.
Jim is avoiding his homework.
Please explain. Why they are not synonyms
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