As I lay in the comfort of my bed
voices fill my head that screams of my past,
My past; a cold black abbess of hatred and pain.
the tears I cried are a permanent stain upon my face that only I can see, only I can feel.
I cried in my past, and now, the present.
My body tenseness up, but I give in.
I cry.
The room is filled with my tears of pain,
my tears of grief,
my tears of sadness,
My tears..

"I wrote this in my darker days. This was when I was away from EnglishForward for so long. I've been going through a tough time."
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what's wrong with you .lady?
Fingting my friends
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As I lie

abyss, not abbess

I'm sorry that you are or were unhappy. Time heals pain.

Lady Yofiel, please make efforts to feel better since you are still healthy and with your family (your beloved ones or your close friends). I hope you have these. When you have these two, the things which you have to struggle with come easy to you. Please regard yourself lucky for everyday which goes away healthily. Regards,
"What's wrong with you Lady" ha ha made me laugh hard.
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Everyone, this is a poem aI wrote MONTHS ago, hahahaha. I'm fine now! Emotion: big smile
why ?this is a sad poem after all

Hi, Happy you feel fine now .....Lady don't forget to show life that you have thousand reasons to smile. Emotion: smile

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