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I always see "Thank you for your letter of even date", but what is the meaning of "even date"? Could anyone help me? Thank you!
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It means "on the same date." In other words, if you get a letter that is dated 1/21/06 and you respond on 1/21/06, you can write "I received your letter of even date."
"of even date" meant "is of the same date/day"
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I am a layman and feel deeply distressed and demoralised by the lawyer-type. Habeus corpus i say!
it is formal or legal form of saying "same date"
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A letter "of even date" is one which is recieved on the same day that the reply is sent
I had a reply from a solicitor and he used the phrase even date and then threatened me with various things. It is simply a method of starting a letter or email that solicitors use for putting the fear of God into you. It is exactly the opposite of using "plain English" - because you might then be less in awe of his superior intellect!
it means todays date [ ie the date the recipient of the leter received the letter and responded the same day]
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According to blacklaws dictionary it means:


even date. The same date. • This jargonistic phrase is sometimes used in one instrument to refer to another instrument with the same date, esp. when both relate to the same transaction (as a deed and a mortgage).

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