Hi , everybody this word game depends basically on history and historical events . It is ;“Event and Consequences game” . I will give an event , and you give a proper consequence .The one who gives the concequence will in turn gives his own event and another person will give the proper consequence. For example : sound of explosion = frightened the Pompeiians . black cloud of smock =darckened the sky . And now let us start :rain of hot ash = ?

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Forgive me, but I am a bit confused. You say the event is based on history or rather historical events. Unless I have missed something, it seems your sample "events" are rather vague. You give "frightened the Pompeiians as a consequence of "sound of explosion", but for "black cloud of smoke" you answer, "darkened the sky". Surely a consequence to a "black cloud of smoke", but not exactly an historical event. Perhaps you can elaborate. Also, at the risk of offending you (not my intention at all, I think you've got a good premise here), I would have to say that "rain of hot ash" is in fact, a consequence not an event.

Hoping to work together,
Youy are right I myself was confused about what i have brought from a magazine . You are wellcome .
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= set fire to houses
So, it seems that the idea here is basically "cause and effect".
The cause would be an historical event or even an imaginary event.
Then someone has to provide either a real or an imaginary (but realistic) consequence.

Is that about right, Hayatoukrama?
Yeah that is all right Yankee .Thank you clearing up the confusion .
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So... what's the event? [url=http://www.smileycraft.com ][/url]
OK, I'll try to get things started:

Driving at a speed that is twice the posted speed limit

Consequences = ?
Driving at a speed that is twice the posted speed limit

Consequences = [url=http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/pplater-17-accused-of-driving-163kmh/2007/04/27/1177459912812... ]Police stopped the driver, a P1 provisional licence holder, and suspended his license on the spot.[/url]

Did I do it right?
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