"Celebrate with huge savings! We're better than ever!"

1. What does 'ever' mean here?

2. What part speech is 'ever'? Please explain.

3. What part speech is 'than'? Please explain.


Note: You can partially answer the questions if you can't answer all of them.
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1. 'at any time (previously)'

2. adverbial of time

3. function word. It may be considered a conjunction heading the comparative clause 'than [we] ever [have been / were]', or merely the head of the comparative phrase 'than ever'-- either of which modify 'better'.
Hi Mr. M.

A product called: Everlife Flashlight

What's the appropriate interpretation for 'ever' in everlife?


Note: I think 'everlife' is a make-up word.
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It's not really a word, it's a proper name. I'd say it means 'this light will last forever'.
Ever in this case means they are better than anytime in the past!
In some contexts (like "Everlife Flashlight") "ever" means "forever," or "always." Thats why coniferous trees are called "evergreens."
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Yes, 'always' or 'at any time', as an adverb or as a prefix. You can see the evolution of its use in a glance down the dictionary pages:

We are ever grateful for your help.
The ever-increasing dependency on oil.
Your everlasting complaints get on my nerves'

"Based on a 5-year research project using computerzied corpora of of both spoken and written English, this is the first-ever production dictionary."

What does 'ever' mean here?

What is a production dictionary?

Here's Longman's self-serving definition:

What's a production dictionary?

A production dictionary guides you to exactly the right word you need for the context. Let's say you're writing an essay about how you spent your weekend. You had a "good" time: you went to a "good" party, the film you saw was "good" and the meal in the restaurant was "good". You've used the word "good" three times; wouldn't it have been better if you could have used some different words with similar and more appropriate meanings - if only you'd known how to find them?

This is when a production dictionary is needed. You could have looked up the word "good", and realised that actually you went to a "brilliant" party, the film you saw was "excellent" and the meal in the restaurant was "fantastic"! It's that easy, because when you look up a word in a production dictionary, you'll find lots of related words in the same section, so you can find exactly what you're looking for straightaway.

Ever means at any time-- it's a kind of post-modifying intensifier for first, I think
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