How can I hide,
This feeling so strong inside?
Got noone to confide,
Except these words to be my guide.

Don't know what will tomorrow bring,
But sure I'll be longing;
For you to sing my darling,
A lovesong for my being.

Will you ever come my Prince,
To wake me up in silence?
Hold my hand and be free,
To dance in melody?

Have we already met,
Or the time hasn't come yet?
For all I know,you're just on the 1st street
Our roads might even cross before sunset.

As I walk through the aisle,
Will you ever say Hi?
Will I ever see you smile,
And melt this heart of mine?

Will I ever see your face?
Will I ever feel your embrace?
If you have a name,
Please tell me in my dream.

I wonder where you are,
Might be driving a fast car;
But I know you couldn't be that far,
Hope you're not in the planet mars.

Will I be your Princess,
To love and to hold I guess?
This time I will reminisce,
Share a lifetime at its best.

Will you visit in sweet november?
Will I mark the calendar and remember?
That you will come sooner,
And we'll live happily ever after.

If only fairytales were true.......Emotion: thinking
Is "Ever after" the name of this song?
OoPAPERoo yes "Ever After" is the title of the poem actuallyEmotion: big smile
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So, it's a poem.
I thought it's a song. Emotion: stick out tongue
but of course you can always make a tune out of itEmotion: stick out tongue

kumusta from the PhilippinesEmotion: big smile
Mayuuumiiiiii!!! come i've just noticed this poem:S btw it's great u are really talented Emotion: big smile (if u wrote it:P)
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hey AleeeeeeenEmotion: big smile.... yes i wrote this poem myselfEmotion: wink it's from the heart and based on my lovestoryEmotion: stick out tongue

thanks for the complimentEmotion: stick out tongue