This is a song. Can you tell me the meaning of the underlined lines, please?

Paperclips, melody
Hold together all these memories
Memories, memories
I don't wanna think at all

I don't wanna be like you anymore
I don't wanna see your face at my door
And I'll never leave like you, that's for sure
I don't wanna be like you anymore, anymore, anymore

Take a trip, down memory lane
You will never wanna go again
Take your leave , take your leave
I don't wanna sing at all

Ever talk, decide out
We get by, we'll get by
And I won't take this
No more sadness, no, no


"get by" means "Manage with difficulty to live or accomplish something" (https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/us/get_by ). How this relates to anything else is anyone's guess. Really, it is just random like the other one you posted.

"Ever talk, decide out" makes no sense.