What is the boy saying at 0:45, I can only make out "full team"?

At 1:30 begins a very short (to 1:43) Pizza Pigskins song. I cannot hear lyrics in two fragments, from 1:30 to 1:33, and from 1:41 to 1:43.

YT link (WARNING -- this video contains lots of cheap 90s-style gore used to achieve a humorous effect, please do not click if you are easily offended):


Okay, I have tried to listen even more carefully (and while slowing down the YT video). Is the boy saying "Y'all got a full team"?

The lyrics from 1:30 to 1:33 seem to be "Game time, you're hungry. Got me in a grapple." And 1:41 - 1:43, "Big Game Pizza Pigskins throw your taste buds a touchdown".

Have I got any of these right?