This sentence along with:

Bill wants to marry a Norwegian woman.

are said to have smenatically more than one interpretion. After a long time of pondering, I came to no avail.. (except my eyes hurt!! Emotion: rolleyes)

Could any one provide me with some clues?

Thanks in advance,

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There already exists a woman whom Bill wants to marry. This woman happens to be from Norway.

Bill has met many women from Norway and found them all to be terrific, so when the time does come for him to get married -- although he has no girlfriend now -- he wants to marry someone from there.
Yes I got it. It is about the function of the article " a " either specific or non-specfic.

What about the 1st sentence?

Thank you very much
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What first sentence?
I am wondering if this utterance wouldn't be ambiguous in any language.
The first sentence is

Every man loves a woman.

Does it have the following interpretions:

Every man loves only one woman. ( who is one definite entity) This interpretion sounds weird to me.

Any man loves any woman. ( i.e their love is not confined to one woman )

To Forbes:

As a matter of fact, the sentence seems ambiguous in my mother tongue which is Arabic. But when I tried to analyse it, I virtually tried to exculde my mother tongue and only think in English.

BTW, I didn't notice that it's ambiguous in my mother tongue till you brought it up.Emotion: stick out tongue
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I could be any man loves any woman, or for every man, there is a woman whom he loves.

It's one that seems selected deliberately for it's ambiguity.

There's a woman out there for every man has its ambiguity too.

But remember, we never communicate in a vaccuum. You'd know what was meant by context.

Bill wants to marry a Norwegian woman.

Perhaps Bill is a priest who loves to perform marriages for Scandinavian women. Last week he married a nice Swedish woman to her boyfriend. Now Bill wants to marry a Norwegian woman.

A little farfetched, I agree, but possible. Context is everything.

Best wishes, Clive
Bill wants to marry a Norwegian.

Bill wants to marry a Norwegian woman.
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