I've got a subscription of American Colloquial Vocabulary and quite recenlty I've received a couple of words like :

1. sugar
2. feds
3. Can I live damn ?
4. Yeah cow!
5. goon
6. dopeman

What do they mean ? Are they actually used in everyday speech ? I couldn't find ANY of them in my three dictionaries Emotion: sad Altgought the subscription provides info about each word (like - sugar stands for money) I'm not sure whether it's worth learning these words... so... are they really used ? And where can I more examples with such vocabulary ?

Every region in America has its own slang, and there are a few racial slang variants also. Slang changes quickly, as well, so it can be quite an undertaking to keep on top of it. Movies and TV are the best places to find slang.

Of the above words, the only one I hear regularly is feds, meaning a member of the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) which is the American national police.

Goon, a stupid thug.

Dopeman, probably a drug dealer.

Haven't heard the others.

As has been said already, that's a large task you are looking at. I wonder if perhaps it would be more useful for you to spend your time improving other aspects of your English?

What use is 'American Colloquial Vocabulary' if it doesn't give you definitions and examples?

Best wishes, Clive
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2. feds = plural, coll., abbreviation for federal agents, FBI agents

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1) Sweetie? ; may be u willl be interested in sugar daddy, means the guy who provides for the gold digger?
3) never heard of it
4) not sure, but may be like ya man? or U dog?
5) I think it means stupid guy, more like weirdo
6)may be a drug dealer? copz dope means pot/ K those kinda stuff
This site might be interesting for you:
It surely explains 3. and 4. in alphabetical order.

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