Teacher: "Tommie, what do you know about the Dead Sea?"

Tommie: "I didn't even know it was ill."
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Lol! thats funny!

One foreign student studied in Oxford. One day he said to a girl student:

"You have beautiful legs."

"Stop pulling my legs," she answered with a smile.

"I'm not pulling your legs. I'm just looking at them."

Emotion: smile)))))))
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oh my!
What do you think about it? deepa

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that the girl's legs must be really beautiful!! lol. but whats the connection with oxford?
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nice jokes. keep them comming!
That one was great! lol
Oh, deepa.

I think you maybe misunderstood the expression "Stop pulling my legs".
It means to stop kidding with somebody, and the foreign student in the joke just misunderstood it.

Emotion: smile
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