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I read this sentence in a TOEIC test preparation book :
'The chess tournament starts at 1 p.M. and everybody is asked to bring THEIR own chessboard.' and I've to fund the wrong word.
I thought that compouds with body and one such as everybody, everyone are ageed in number and person with their antecedant, the noun that it replaces => so by they. And that is the reason why I don't understand why in this sentence 'his' must remplace 'their', although it sounds good with 'his'
Many thanks in forwards
Hello Pierre,

J7 is correct that in spoken English and informal written English, 'their' has a long and legitimate history as the singular pronoun for unknown sex. The TOEIC sentence sounds completely normal to us.

However, for TOEIC, TOEFL and similar language testing purposes, the 'their' should be replaced by the very grammatically 'correct' and slightly sexist 'his'.
I'm not sure of the grammatical specifics, but, as a native speaker this sentence sounds correct to me. Replacing "THEIR" by "HIS" is rarely used, as I see it, and it implies that only males will be in attendence. 'EVERYBODY' is ambiguous and doesn't imply, as if it were replaced by "ALL THE MEN", that males will be the only gender in attendence. The more-so 'inclusive' and neutral "THEIR" is often used to indicate a group of mixed genders.

Hope that helps a little
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Many thanks for your help !