I met a lot of people on the way to a certain function. A couple of days after I told the following to a frind of mine whilst describing the function. I just want to know whether the following is correct.

[ Almost everyone I met was wearing a red tie/black hat. ]

You would find fault with the words 'everyone I met was' as it stands.
No, it's fine. "Wearing a red tie/black hat" is not English, but "everyone I met was wearing a red tie and a black hat" would be quite OK, as would "everyone I met was wearing a red tie or a black hat."

"Everyone I met" is a subject phrase, and "everyone" is a singular subject. The "one" takes logical precedence over the "every." "No one I met was wearing a red tie" is similar.
What exactly do you have doubts about in those sentences? Is it the form of the verb you have to use with pronouns like "everyone"? Or the postmodification (as in "I met")? Or is it something else?

I'm curious. Emotion: smile
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Thanks Brattania

So you approve 'everyone I met was wearing ..........

Let us take a look at the present tense of the above.

Everyone you will meet is wearing a red tie.
Would you approve the above?
Yes, it is correct.
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