Could some native English speaker tell me if it's ok to say:
"Everyone else were sleeping.",
or should I say "Everyone else was sleeping."?

I know that every- words are treated as singular, but I'm not totally sure about was/were.
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Everyone ( was )Emotion: smile Under no circumstance that everyone takes the verb to be ( were )
Good. There's one teacher who says they're interchangeable in cases like this. Sounded a bit odd to my ears, but when you start thinking about words too much...
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I don't quite understand your sentence, Whl626.
Could you please rewrite it in a easier and detailed way???
I just mean that ' everyone ' ( is/ was )....

' Everyone ' can never be followed by a plural verb to be ( are/ were ).
Now I understand, Thanx Emotion: embarrassed
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You need the plural form of to be (are/were) when using the subjunctive:

"if everyone were to remember their grammar, we wouldn't have to have this discussion" Emotion: smile

Otherwise, when stating factual statements, it should be "everyone is (or was) present" for instance.
AnonymousYou need the plural form of to be (are/were) when using the subjunctive
were, yes, but not are! The present subjunctive is be.

It's important that everyone be there on time.

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