Hi Room,

So far i have not seen anything which don't have that character same as a coin have two sides head and tail.This formula is correct for everything in this universe from economy to politic, from culture to sport ...etc.

Do you agree with me? please feedback
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i agree, but sometimes the good is bigger then the bad side or the other way, don't you agree?
I agree with you. There's nothing perfect in the world.
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you know, i am fascinated by this natural formula because when you think about something. You thought it will be great if you could have that or our society could have but it happens the other side not as what you thought. I give example: i thought if a nation have democracy people will be very happy but after a certain countries have struggled to achive that then economic drama raise up. it's funny
What about this : Everything has not just two sides but many sides. Everything has its own Good, almost good, mediocre, almost bad, and bad. Emotion: big smile
Hi Kabayan,

That sounds interesting, Could you give an example and following with explanation
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I 'ill say one statement

Homer sometimes nods

sorry could you explain that, i'm probably irritating and i'm sorry but i don't understand what you mean.
Human is a good example...it just depends how we look on theat particular things
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