The Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) framework has captured significant mindshare among online application developers and their organizations, as a powerful, portable and widely-supported application development environment. Microsoft's announcement of .NET (dot-NET) has captured the attention of just as many, since it represents the future direction of all things Microsoft, from desktop applications like Microsoft Office to development tools like Visual Studio to back-end servers like SQL Server, and everything in between.

Opinions on the ultimate outcome of this framework competition range far and wide—zealots on either side of the "demilitarized zone" claim emphatically that either Sun and J2EE or Microsoft are doomed to fail. Some of the more balanced analysts predict a near-term stalemate, with J2EE and dot-NET eventually claiming a roughly equal share of the application development market. This prediction seems the most sensible, given the two forces facing off—J2EE with a significant amount of development inertia and a broad array of tool and application vendors behind it, and dot-NET with the marketing influence of Microsoft fueling its spread.

My question is on the second sentence of the above. What is the meaning of 'everything in between' ?

I would write .NET represents future direction of all Microsoft products which include the desktop applications like Microsoft Office, development tools like Visual Studio, back-end servers like SQL Server, etc.

Your thoughts, please.
'and everything in between' is a fairly common phrase and you will often find it in marketing material.

It is used when you give an example of the smallest possible use (i.e. one piece of Software, Microsoft Office) and then an example of the largest possible use (i.e. back-end servers). The everything in between means that it works for anything between the smallest imaginable use and the largest, it is just a way of emphasising the broad range.

Another example,

'I can clean the windows for any building; from a one room hovel to a 200 room palace - and everything in between!'l