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creavite! i liked it!:)
But why haven't they shown the man clothed? Sure he invented clothing before the computer!Emotion: smile
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Yes Benita . It's really a question!Emotion: surprise
May be it's their way to telling us that when Man is in front of the computer nothing else matters.Emotion: smile
As a nude man/woman can hardly/never display his status/position, so the picture here tells us that computers/laptops, etc. are no longer a status symbolEmotion: big smileEmotion: big smile
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It shows, although human gained advance tecqnology but in health matters human lost something, isn't it shows?
Possibly now he doesn't need such type of vigour now, because he doesn't need to fight riding on a horse, a remote control button can do it for him.Emotion: big smile
Yes - er - the positive thing is that we are a little less hairy now. :rotfl:

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