I understand that resume (bio-data, CV) is a french word ?
What is the exact spelling of it ? Web search keeps giving resume.

Résumé or Rèsumè or someother (Or does only one of the e's have that slanted line on top) ?

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OED says it spells as "résumé", but Webster says it could be "résumé", "resume" or "resumé" (Microsoft Word Spellchecker negates the use of "resumé", though).

The correct spelling is "résumé", as it is a noun deriving from the French verb "résumer" (="summarise/-ize"). Hence, résumé = summary / summarised/-ized (masculine), i.e. a summary of one's professional life.
Sérgio Duarte
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Since when does English have accents on imported words? How many people would be able to find them on an English keyboard layout (requires pressing 3 keys at once) or even understand what they are for.
Since always.

à propos
à la mode

À la carte
déjà vu

Attaché (as in military)
bon appétit
raison d'être

...........and the list goes on and on and on and on and on and on. :-)

How do you get that little thing on alphabets? What is it called? somebody tell me how to do it.
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Going out on a limb here I will make two assumptions:
1. You mean within a computer interface and you are using Microsoft Windows
2. I know what the heck you mean by "that little thing on alphabets"
It's called charmap (Charater Map) and can be accessed through the start menu:
Programs, Accessories, System Tools, Charater Map
or by simply typing charmap into the Run Dialog
Specifically to get the é hold the alt button down and type 1 3 0. Then let go of the alt button.

alt 138 = è

alt 136 = ê

alt 144 = É

alt 160 = á

alt 133 = à

alt 131 = â

alt 135 = ç

alt 128 = Ç
For a simple accent, as would be found in resume, when using MS Office and a few other programs you can also press Ctrl + ' + the desired letter.
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