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The oxford dictionary gives this meaning for the word for the word "diction".


1 the way that sb pronounces words:
clear diction

2 (technical) the choice and use of words in literature

If I use the this word as in the following sentence, will it be correct.

"The words that are commonly used in news channels should be in your diction."

Here I haven't used the word as meaning like 1) above rather it has been used somewhat meaning "repertoire of words that the particular person uses in his speaking".Emotion: big smile

Is it right or incorrect use of the word "diction".Emotion: thinking

Can you please give some other sentences where the word "diction" is used.

Thanks a lot.
Since the second definition of "diction" is marked "technical," I would advise you not to try to use it. An example of the first definition would be "A television annnouncer has to have very clear diction so everyone can understand him."
>Is it a right or incorrect use of the word "diction"?
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You might like to consider the word 'vocabulary', or the somewhat less common 'lexicon'.

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