What exactly is a hyperbole and can I have some examples too? thnxEmotion: big smile
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Have you tried a dictionary? If you browse these [url=http://www.onelook.com/?w=hyperbole&ls=a ]DEFINITIONS[/url], you will find examples.
thnx Emotion: big smile
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a hyperbole is a big lie or an exaggeration

it is just basically a exaggeration and one example would be
: It was so cold even the polar bear were wearing jackets[Y]

its pretty much figritive language duhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!
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Anonymousits pretty much figritive language duhh!!
If I may correct, please: it should be "figurative".

Here are some examples:

When my dad saw my report card her fainted

His brain was the size of a pea

I told you a million times

She is one hundred feet tall

Hope that helps you[H] Emotion: rock

It should be "he" not "her".
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