What are metaphors? - Can you give me some examples?

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I am in a class right now and need to write an essay using five different metaphors to describe an aspect of my life, something I do, someplace I've been, or anything else and describe it using five different metaphors. I do not know where to begin or really understand what metaphors are, can you please help me? My paper is due tonight before midnight, EST.
Hello Anon

If you reread this thread from the beginning, you'll find the metaphors you need.

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Tax LadySay something happened to you or someone.

Example: I walked up on my so call friend as she was advancing sexual gestures at my husband. Her face was pale as the moon. As...
actually,that's a simile.simile example:

her nose was as red as a red cherry

i gotta go........
"I sneaked up on my so-called friend as she was making sexual advances to my husband. Her face was pale as the moon..."

You're right, Anon. It is a simile.

I know you wrote this awhile ago - but great post.
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[Emotion: geeked sweet thanks i really needed that help!!!
"i am a flower"

"the world is a ball"

"dogs are a star"

Basically that is what it means!
"Dogs are a star"?
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i thought a metaphor was a comparing frase not using like or as
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