What are metaphors? - Can you give me some examples?

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you are rong about metaphors they are comparing 2 or more objects wighout using like as or than
examples of a metaphor is "life throws curveballs" hope it helps
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Example of a metaphor is "Some people have sawdust for brains" hope it helps
Your brother is a metaphor?

So what kind of figure of speech would you be, Anon, out of interest?

these are great keep going with the site
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can you tell me some metaphors from 4 different authors andthe titles and the meaning
It is a metaphor because it is not using the words like or as. If it were using the words like or as then it would be a simile. But for thjis case it is a METAPHOR! Emotion: smile I hope this helps you!
her eyes were cool ice ;p
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