What are metaphors? - Can you give me some examples?

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"her presence warmed the room similar to the sun"
"her presence warmed the room same as the sun"
"her presence warmed the room undifferentiated from the sun"

metaphor or simile? The only difference is literally "like"?

"her presence warmed the room like the sun"
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Does anyone have examples of similes without "like" or "as"? The definition above stated "often" using "like" or "as".
The basic difference between a simile and a metaphore is that a simile says that one thing is LIKE another, and a metaphore says that one thing IS another. "All the world IS a stage" Not all definitions state that similes use "like" or "as", but in reality they do.

this page might help:

Wouldn't saying something is comparable, be the same as saying it's "like" something? Why can't you use "comparable" instead of "like" as a simile? Or does the fact you use "comparable" make the statement a metaphor? I guess what I am getting at is that simile's and metaphor sometimes appear to be the exact same thing, sans the word "like" or "as" - this is very confusing and at times does not seem logical.

"All the world is comparable to a stage"

"All the world is like a stage"

"All the world is presented as a stage"
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(bah) I don't know wut a metaphor is I have homework and I don't get it.... (6)
Here's an example of why a metaphor works, Guest, which might help you if the other material in this thread hasn't hit the spot.

Couch Potato:
Couch potato = lazy person. A lazy person buries themselves in the cushions of a couch (sofa, chesterfield, La-Z-Boy) in safe, sedentary comfort, "vegging out" mindlessly in front of the TV, eyes in a fixed, submissive stare. A couch potato never leaves the home, and cannot be motivated, having everything nearby so they never have to move. Compare this to the potato, which is buried in the comfort and providence of soil and to which the only escape from its lifestyle is death. Covered in eyes, but without a brain or muscle, the potato is snuggled and unmotivated.

A comfortable sofa is fertile soil for the couch potato.

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Hi guest,

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