What are the top ten most important things to consinder when taking the English as a Second Language EXcet Exam/
Taken from: http://www.atpe.org/GovernmentalRelations/excetprep.htm

The best preparation for an ExCET test is a well-rounded education with in-depth learning experiences in your teaching field. Because the range of knowledge and skills required of teachers is so broad, it is unlikely that you can learn all that is necessary to pass the test in a short time.

However, here are some steps you may wish to follow before you take the examination.

STEP 1: In each ExCET Study Guide you will find a list of competencies grouped by domains. Those domains identify the range of topics on the test. They can also help you determine the areas of emphasis on the test. For example, Secondary Art has five domains, which are listed below with the number of competencies in each domain. By dividing the number of competencies in each domain by the total number of competencies on the test, you can determine the relative weight of each domain as you see in the third column. You may want to keep in mind the relative weights of each domain as you plan how to use your study time.

STEP 2: The Study Guides also contain sample items that you should review. However, use caution in interpreting the results because your performance on these questions is not intended to be an indicator of your performance on actual test items. By correctly answering 80% of the twenty items in a practice test, you cannot assume that you will answer 80% of the items correctly on the actual test form. Instead use the sample items to understand how an objective might be assessed and to help you identify objectives that you may need to study.

STEP 3: After you target objectives to study, locate sources that will help you in reviewing the material.

STEP 4: Make notes of important material that you want to review. Use a format, such as note-cards or an outline, which has helped you study in the past.
Hey Jason 13. I don`t even know whether you are an English teacher or a native speaker of English, but you are fairly well. it`s really astonishing how clear you can be on your explanation. Due to this, I would like you to feel at ease and give me some hints. I will take the CPE in the end of this year 2005 and, I`m afraid I`m not altogether ready for taking it. Of course I still have time to catch up on my English. But, every since, I already want to start it off ! Could you please tell me what I`d better do in order to be successful in this test ?

Best regards

any hints will be appreaciated

Bruno Ferreira