I know "except for" is OK, but what about "except from"?

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You mean this kind of thing?

I like all my classmates except for Tom.

I like all my classmates except from Tom. #2 is unacceptable.

You could also say I like all my classmates except Tom.

I have never seen Tom except from the car This is fine, but it's a different structure with a different meaning. In the earlier examples, 'for' is associated with 'except'. Here, 'from' is associated with 'the car'.You could just as easily use another preposition, eg I have never seen Tom except up a tree.

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thank you, Clive.
AnonymousI know "except for" is OK, but what about "except from"?


Here are a few "except from" excerpts for you:

1A18 zips on the legs. All shell suits are cotton lined, except from the knee down where the nylon replaces the cotton for ease
2A6G Nechaev or Ivanov, or the circumstances of the murder, except from the newspapers. And even if I had, I would not
3ABJ was hardly any support for it in the Labour party --; except from Mosley, and he was moving rapidly to the right.
4AC2 part of the Soviet Union used to draw little attention, except from spies. It was virtually a fief of the Soviet armed
5ACV motor industry or the Continent's political and economic environment, except from what he had read on the subject at Harvard Business School
6AE7 Mungo held his breath. Still no sign of movement. Except from Stanley, who suddenly pinched the lobe of his right ear
7ANH the last chapter: in existing organisms, proteins never arise except from a decoding process, and decoding never happens without proteins.
8B09 way of justifying the conditions of choice in the original position except from the point of view of a certain conception of the good
9BMC twenty-one years. It was single track with passing loops, except from Warley Road to the Gynn, where it was double-single controlled
10BMJ , is not on the whole as well sung. I except from that last statement Samuel Ramey's resonant Hajj, a splendidly
11BML be a commercial success. Opposition has been muted and sporadic except from the farmers who have successfully extracted high levels of compensation for
12BN8 egocentric behaviour is assimilation since they are incapable of seeing anything except from their own point of view. Play behaviour, as we
13C8S there has been surprisingly little explicit community opposition to MDC --; except from the Black community in Toxteth. Moreover, the obvious success
14CAT …" He hesitated. The cottage was without heat, except from a stove; there was no running water. "My
15CE7 , will he realise just how dangerous dreams can be? Except from a brief outburst from Sonny (when Pat urges him to
16CRY . As before the Polish crisis, there was little protest except from the far left who kept the local Councils of Action going
17EDL "; but was it "independent"? Hardly, except from the BBC; and perhaps the word might fairly be used
18EFN I do not recollect) that you can not get discovery except from a party to your action. There is another rule,
19EW8 and Hoare. He did not meet with much enthusiasm, except from Neville Chamberlain and Amery, but his methods were fairly successful
20FD1 made as to the moral implications of any sexual or quasi-sexual act except from standpoints which must themselves be debatable. Each of us has

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