Dear teachers,
I have consulted a lot of dictionaries for the use of EXCEPT and EXCEPT FOR, but so far I still find these two words confusing.Some dictionaries say they are similar in meaning, but some say differently. Could you help me understand in a simple way?
For examples:
Nobody knows we are here except him or except for him?
He likes everybody here except her or except for her ?
He does not eat a thing except a banana or except for a banana?

Is there any difference between HE and HIM after EXCEPT and EXCEPT FOR?
EX: Nobody knows we are here except he
Nobody knows we are here except him

Thank you in advance
The Random House Webster's Unabridged Dictionary defines except for as follows:
except for, if it were not for: She would travel more except for lack of money.
Except he is wrong. Except is a preposition in your sentence and all prepositions require him. Just as you cannot say with he, you have to say with him.
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Hi Cool Breeze,
Thank you very much, but the example you give is very easy. How about other sentences ?For example,everyone was there except for Mary."If it were not for" cannot apply to this case.What I need is how best can we distinguish between "except" and " except for".
You can use them interchangeably. However, 'except for' can't be used before prepositions and conjunctions.

Ex :
You are handsome except (without for) when you are angry.