i have an introduction meeting with 5 of exective directors in my company, and as a project manager I should write a letter for two reasons first: to improve the relationship with them and secod as a follow up minutes of meetings

Dears all,

it was a big pleasure fo rme to work with now and for future projects.

as a follow up I would like to forward to you the following minutes of meetings :


also it will be big pleasure to answer your iquries and questuions if you have any.

best regards,

I had an introduction meeting with 4 of the executive directors in my company, and I want to write the minutes of this meeting, but first I wnat to express my hapiness for this introduction:

dears all,

it was a big pleasure for me to work with you in this project and also future projects.

follow up to our meeting I would like to forward the minute of meeting:



for further inquires or comments please let me know....

Best rgeards,

is this letter ok? is thier a better style of wirting than this one?

thanks for the asistance
I would wait until you have the minutes to send.

Is this via e-mail? If so "Hello everyone" is probably an accpetable salutation. It's never "dears" - "Dear" is always singular.

Don't forget that sentences start with a capital letter.

It was a tremendous pleasure to work with you on this project. Attached are the minutes of our meeting on [date of meeting]. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you again in the future.
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I have joined the two threads. You posted the first anonymously, and I responded. You then posted the second after registering.

I didn't want to delete the first, because it would delete the entire thread, and I didn't want to delete the second, because it has you with your registered name.
Thank you so much Geek for the clarififcation.

actually this will be send by email and those executive are our business units managers,and because I'm the single point of contacts so I should streamline and improve the relationship with them , so if you have any ideas please let me know, also it iwll be great to have a ready tempaltes to improve my relationship management skills

and another q: isn't "Dear all" more formal than "Hello Everyone".

Many Thanks,