just do the following exercises for 10 minutes every morning and shoot off the back pain.
Any exercise specifically working your back should be done with slow, controlled movements. But you need to take extra care after injury. Not only with how you do each exercise, but also with which exercises you do.

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Thanks, Meriam. I'm not sure if I've ever heard "shoot off" the back pain before. Maybe 'get rid of' would be better.
Meriammmmmmmmm superbb , I didnt know that you got these much of information, Good Miss Physical therapist 
i guess we will get these kind of tips from now on !!! 
you done a good job !! 

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Thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i really need to do this Exercises
hi,thanks alot,
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I found a way that works for me is to stand and then lean over as if touching my toes, keeping my legs straight. But the trick is not to force anything.
After a few seconds, by just letting the weight of my arms and chest do the work, I find that I can easily touch the ground next to my toes (when before the exercise I could barely reach my ankles). The back of my legs feel stretched at first but by the time I am touching the ground I am completely relaxed and do not feel any pain whatsoever.
After a few moments I gently straighten up and stretch my arms upwards with fingers extended whilst standing on my toes - basically I stretch upwards.
I usually do this just before going to bed and have always found that this helps me to sleep better.
I don't know where I got this from - probably some yoga book I had read - but it works for me so maybe it would work for others too.
I also wanted to congratulate you on your articles Dr Kim. Please keep them coming and thank you !
Hi Meriam,
Very nice, but perform those exercises slowly.
Very useful exercises.