I'm expecting James.

I'm waiting for James

What's the difference between the sentences?

.Thanks in advance!
there's more anticipation, looking forward, in expect
As I use expecting and waiting for, I would be less disappointed if James did not show up when I was expecting him than when I was waiting for him.

If I'm waiting for someone, it's usually because I made a previous arrangement with that person. We'll meet at a certain time and place. If I arrive before he does, I wait for him.

If I'm expecting someone, the exact time of his appearance is not so clear. For example, the mailman comes by every day, but not on a specific schedule. He might arrive at my house at any time between 11am and 3 pm. I expect him to deliver my mail, but I don't wait for him.

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Great explanation, CalifJim! It's now clear to me
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