I just wrote this paragraph about Corona Virus Epidemic in Wu Huan in China. Could you experts here help me correct it so that it sounds more natural? Thank you so much in advance.


The widespread Corona Virus Epidemic in Wu Huan has killed thousands of people and many thousands more got infected. The epidemic has caused utter chaos in not only Wu Huan, but also in China total and even in many other countries. The emergency services have had considerable difficulty dealing with such situation and have been out there all the time in a real effort to help patients and prevent healthy people from this disease. Doctors said their main concern now is to cure infected ones. However, they also set protecting others from this virus a priority. It is feared that the number of people have suffered from this virus is significantly higher than the figures given. Therefore the epidemic may cause massive damage to communities, typically provinces in China. Obviously, there is already strong criticism of authorities in Wu Huan who, were responsible for what was happening in there, yet did nothing to prevent it from spreading.

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