I know that this is probably too much, but I don't know who (or where!) to ask for help. I am translating a scientific paper on the inorganic ion concentrations on PM10 particulate matter. There is a short paragraph on the chemical analysis, of which I am not sure to have done a good translation. I will like you to read it, please.

De cada uno de los filtros se cortó una tira de 2,5 cm de ancho utilizando un cuchillo y regla plástica. Dicha tira se colocó en un balón esmerilado 24/40 de 250 mL, al cual se le adicionaron 50 mL de agua Milli-Q con el fin de extraer los aniones presentes. Posteriormente se calentó el contenido del balón en un sistema de reflujo por 30 minutos, se dejó enfriar y se trasvasó cuantitativamente a un balón aforado de 100,00 mL. Luego se agregaron 30 mL de agua Milli-Q al balón, se calentó por otros 30 minutos y una vez frío, se trasvasaron los residuos al balón aforado. Se realizan tres enjuagues con agua Milli-Q y una vez frío el contenido del balón se afora con agua desionizada.


A strip of 2.5 cm width was cut with a knife and a plastic ruler, from each of the filters. It was placed inside a 24/40 ground-glass joint flask of 250 mL. Fifty mL of Milli-Q water were added to extract the existing anions. Subsequently, the content of the ground-glass joint flask was heated at reflux for 30 minutes, it was cooled down and quantitatively transferred to a 100.00 mL volumetric flask. Thirty mL of Milli-Q water were added to the flask, it was heated for 30 more minutes, cooled down, and the residue was transferred to the volumetric flask. The flask’s content was rinsed three times with Milli-Q water and once it was cooled, it was dilute to volume with deionized water.

As you may see, this requires the help of someone involved in the field.

Thanks in advance!!


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