Hello,. Would anyone here like to help me correcting my essay writing?
Just the part of explanation because I am afraid I will make some people (include my lecturer) confuse when read this part. 
"If we are combining the characteristics of good learner and internet, we assume someone could manage to learn a language through internet easily. Because the creativity of the learner works well on what internet has provide. The fact is, to master a language need a long time, started from very young age and not only take lessons from school. Teacher’s role is essential in learning and Internet can’t provide a teacher itself even though we are able to communicate with many people there.Few respondents end up on video provider site such as 'Youtube' to increase their skills, more or less the same happens with everyone who use internet, it’s only a recreating tool. If there is an education program in internet, it’s optional and user are given free will to follow or not, it’s very different with school or course learning system which is a bit forceful.
Many claim internet provides everything. But, without the teacher and classroom setting, it would be hard to create a learning environment. Thought it seems hard, by the fast improving technology, it possibly happen in near future. At the moment we may work and focus to increase people awareness to become internet smart user so they will make good use of internet in optimal level." 
Thank you in advance^^
I'm afraid most of your text is incoherent.
When writing large amounts of text, you should separate it into paragraphs.
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