Hey there,

this is my first post in this forum and I hope to receive some valuable feedback ;-). Right now, I am a bit puzzled about whether to use explicit or explicitly in the following sentence:

The authors of a volume edited by XXX et al. (2008) have studied empirically, albeit with an explicit/explicitly normative interest in democratic governance beyond the nation state, four institutional features of international organizations with regard to civil society participation: [enumeration of four elements].

My gut feeling says explicit but in the end I am not sure...

You are more than welcome to provide additional feedback with regard to the rest of the sentence.


Hi Johannes, and welcome to the forums.

Does explicit refer to the interest or does explicitly refer to the normative nature of the interest?

I can't quite understand the meaning.
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Hmm, I wanted to express the latter, i.e. emphasize that they are motivated by a normative concern.

Their concerns were explicitly normative?

(What is a normative concern?)
They are interested in the normative consequences of certain institutional designs... Are certain institutional designs more just, legitimate, or fair than others.
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