Is this sentence correct:

"Social media is a place where people can expose their opinions and ideas."

2. In the context above, does 'expose' mean 'show off'? (It's not that this was my intention, but I would like to learn the exact meaning of 'to expose'.)


expose: exhibit; show; divulge; reveal; disclose; display

It doesn't work well in the context of your sentence. I recommend changing it to 'express'. That's the usual verb. People express (not expose) their opinions and/or ideas on social media.



Where did you find that sentence?

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It was a sentence built by me.

Christine ChristieIt was a sentence built written/made up by me.

I see. In that case, I can only see it working in limited context, e.g. surveillance.

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Christine Christiebuilt by me.


— Where did you find that sentence?
— I made it up.