Can someone please help me with this?
Someone says the following sentence:
"I am not a good driver." If I want to express agreement with that sentence, should I reply "Yes." or "No." ? In this example I am allowed to only use "yes" or "no", and long anwer is not allowed. "Yes, you are." or "No, you are not." is not allowed.
Thanks a lot.
I would say "No". The only thing you have to communicate in addition to the one word in this artificial exercise is tone of voice. I'd lengthen the vowel and using a steady intonation or slightly falling intonation. Raising the eyebrows would also be a good signal.


If you are actually in the passenger seat of a car which this person is driving, then perhaps you could scream, open the door and throw yourself out. That might possibly help to make your agreement with the statement a bit clearer. Emotion: wink

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if you want to agree with the statement you will say yes. Hence:

YES i agree "[you are] not a good driver."
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If you say "yes" you are meaning "Yes I agree, you are not a good driver". If you say "no" you are meaning "No I don't agree, you are a good driver".
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