My students and I disagree on a sentence - should it be: "He denied having seen me before, the idiot!" or "He denied having seen me before, that Idiot!" or can you say both?

Hope somebody can help me
Based on the tone and context, "that" sounds better to my ears and looks better to my eyes.

John only drinks coffee from the pot other made. I never see him make a fresh pot, that jerk!
Damnit! my students will gloat! But thank you for answering. Best wishes, Sisse
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To me, the version with 'the' sounds much, much more idiomatic.Emotion: smile

(One possible reason might be that it's much easier and quicker to say 'the idiot' than 'that idiot'.)

Best wishes, Clive
I'd say that both are possible. I think I hear the idiot in that context more often, but I could be wrong.

Both seem OK to me
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When spoken, "the idiot" goes smoothly, but when reading it from the page, I stumble over the meaning; while "that idiot" is immediately clear. - A.