When this expressions are followed by a verb ,the verb ends in -ing : It is no use and It is no good 1. There is nothing you can do about the situation , so it is no use worrying about it .2. It is no good trying to persuade him ,you will not succeed . Thereis no point : 1. There is no point in having a car if we never use it . 2.There was no point in waiting any longer, so we went . But we usually say : The point of doing something . For example : What is the point of having a car ifwe never use it . There is also the expression : It is ( not) worth ,and it is used as follows; I live only a short walk from here , so it is not worth taking a taxi .
Yes your explanations are good so what is your question?
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Is there any important diffrence between -ing expressions and gerund ?
As far as I know, there is a semantic difference. Here is my try:

There is no point in using this pen. --- It is useless to use this pen.

What is the point of using this pen?-- Show me the logic behind your using this pen, I want to learn.