Russia has not put its clocks back for winter this year, after President Dmitry Medvedev decided the country would stay permanently in summertime.

Mr Medvedev announced his decision in March, saying it was in order to relieve the stress of changing clocks.

Officials at the time talked about an annual increase in suicides.

It means that this winter in Russia the mornings will be darker for longer, but there will be more daylight in the afternoons.

So, as almost all of Northern Europe set its clocks back overnight, Russia did nothing, opting instead to remain on summertime for the whole year.

But because Russia is almost alone in sticking to summertime it has meant that businesses like banks, and in particular airlines and railways, have had an extra complication this autumn.


We say South Africa not south Africa. Becaus the name of the country is South Africa

I don't understand the reason for writing Nothern Europe in the above.

It should be northern Europe, in my book.
"It should be northern Europe, in my book."

In mine, too, Rotter.

(Please check your text before posting: you've spelt northern three different ways.)

Thanks Rover

Spelling mistakes are unavoidable when you don't have time to double-check.

I have seen spelling errors from everybody who helps here.

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