Could anyone give me a hand & let me know what the differences between "Extra-curricular Activities" & "Co-curricular Activities" are? Actually, I know that "Extra-curricula Activities" refer to the activities outside of the curriculum e.g. kind of sports, music competitions, etc. "Co-curricular Activities" seems to be a "new" word which I can't find in lots of dictionaries but it appears to mean the same thing as "Extra-curricular Activities"...


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Here's an example:

[url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adele-scheele/rah-rah-sis-boom-buddha-t_b_810035.html ]Once deemed "extra-curricular" activities, these experiences are more accurately re-phrased as "co-curricular" -- study abroad, leadership training, service learning, interdisciplinary studies, interracial interaction, and contemplative practices. These practices help students develop skills in a safe environment that can lead to greater sense of belonging, leadership, and purpose.[/url]

More generally, 'co-curricular' seem to be activities that are closer adjuncts to a school curriculum. 'Extracurricular activities' in my day were activities like the chess club and Varsity football, which took place after school.
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