Could anyone give me a hand & let me know what the differences between "Extra-curricular Activities" & "Co-curricular Activities" are? Actually, I know that "Extra-curricula Activities" refer to the activities outside of the curriculum e.g. kind of sports, music competitions, etc. "Co-curricular Activities" seems to be a "new" word which I can't find in lots of dictionaries but it appears to mean the same thing as "Extra-curricular Activities"...


Here's an example:

[url=http://www.huffingtonpost.com/adele-scheele/rah-rah-sis-boom-buddha-t_b_810035.html ]Once deemed "extra-curricular" activities, these experiences are more accurately re-phrased as "co-curricular" -- study abroad, leadership training, service learning, interdisciplinary studies, interracial interaction, and contemplative practices. These practices help students develop skills in a safe environment that can lead to greater sense of belonging, leadership, and purpose.[/url]

More generally, 'co-curricular' seem to be activities that are closer adjuncts to a school curriculum. 'Extracurricular activities' in my day were activities like the chess club and Varsity football, which took place after school.
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Hi Mister Micawber,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

'Co-curricular activities' refer to those activities which complement (match or go together) learning experience of the students in the schools. These activities are connected with academic and are organised or designed to help the students have a better understanding of his course. 'Extra-curricular activities' (or sometimes referred to as Extra Academic Activity) refer to those activities which are totally outside the realm of normal curriculum, but are essential for the all round development of the students. While a quiz, mental mathematics, 'spell bee', etc, are 'Co-curricular activities', sports, gym, swimming, athletics, etc, are 'Extra-curricular activities'.