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I don´t know why. It was not because of a shock.
Perhaps because of the amount of blood in your head when you hang upside down ?
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CliveHi,Just make sure you don't overestimate your swimming skills. Experts always stress caution and safety, eg have someone with you in a boat, swim parallel to the shore, etc. ( I'm sure you understand this already, since you do those other things. )Clive

Very true!

For example,

I have swimmed from one beach to another along rocks on a not very calm sea, about one kilometer or so, and I wasn´t aware the risks I was taking. I thik I shouldn´t have done it.

I have also walked a long distance form one valley to another, sometimes climbing, through the snow(sometimes up to my chest) and with danger of snow avalanches, in fact I witnessed one very close to me. I was quite younger than I am now.

You can have fun and try your skillness without having so much risk, for sure! Emotion: smile

Emotion: paradise