Hi to all fans of the extreme.

Just out of pure curiosity.
What extreme sports are you doing, for how long have you been doing it and what do you like about it. If you don't do any extreme sports why don't you do it and what would you like to do.

In CapeTown I did free climbing and parkour, now in Germany I am still looking for good spots, to do both.

Free climbing (3 years): If you ever wanted to forget about everything, while being at the limit of your body this is your sport, so get a partner and start.

Parkour (1 year): It is hard and can get dangerous, but its also a lot of fun. I love the freedom that it gives you and the challenge it comes with. If you start always look for a group, it will make the sport more fun and the chances that you injure yourself are decreased.

If I dit any thing wrong plz. tell me, this is my first post.
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hello fenris

although i have phopia from almost every thing "hights'closed plases...."....but im adventierious ilove to do things that make me sceared to death

i have climbed once...it was very dangerious and i got lost

and one of my dreams is to skydiving
Have you tried swimming in open water? eg in a lake or the ocean, a long way out from the land.

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Only out of fun and at bigger lakes, but I think I will start to do it more often now, there is a big lake not far from where I live.

Just make sure you don't overestimate your swimming skills.

Experts always stress caution and safety, eg have someone with you in a boat, swim parallel to the shore, etc.

( I'm sure you understand this already, since you do those other things. )


i don't love extrem sports ,

but i love joging it's nice for me and my : body,,mind,, mode life,,,, when i'm doing it in the beac just for 40 menutes avery thing around me comes better and i'm spending the whole day with good mode i think you would better try it

my best wishes to all
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I like some extreme sports..

I have to admit that i won't do extreme sports like skydiving or something like that, but parcour is really interesting, this sport is limitless, there are always new spots you can try out. Although there might be some different jumps, tricks , however , you can always say you don't trust your self to do such a jump, cause you only do it for yourself.

Furthermore it's good for your personality because your self-confidence will increase and you stay sporty Emotion: smile
Hi Fenris13,
my favourite extreme sport is kite surfing. I really enjoy it but the equipment was very expensive. When I started it, I borrowed it from a friend of mine. It is important to try before you buy something because extreme sport is not for everybody.
I also tried bungee-jumping but I did not like that. I had a headache for three days after trying this.

willi01I also tried bungee-jumping but I did not like that. I had a headache for three days after trying this
Why? Were you so shocked ? I don't think I would ever try bungee jumping, I'd rather do a parachute jump Emotion: smile
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