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I had come upon your letter while searching the Internet. Although you write beautifully, I do have a couple of comments to make:

* Your letter is a bit long, so people might tend to pass it along and not read it;

* I realize that your Dad's influence in your life, was and is very important, but reading it, it was really just too long and I don't believe that the company that you will be applying for will be interested. You have to talk about what you can do for the company that you are applying for, not what the company can do for you. You have to realize that you are competing with other people so they are not looking for what they can offer the candidate but what the candidate can offer them.

* The last part, you have not mentioned on how they can contact you. What if the cover letter gets lost from the resume?

I hope that you can take my advice with open heart. Good luck...
Dear sir/Madam

I m sending my motivation letter for valuable suggestion. MOTIVATION AND FUTURE PLANS ( INCLUDING FUTURE EMPLOYMENT) for the subject of development evaluation and management masters degree course:

Office of District Development Committee (DDC), Jhapa is a leading organization in order to formulate, implement and evaluation management it's own local resource-based program and the central government program for the district development effectively. This office is located in every district head quarter of the country comprising six section presented in the organizational chart attached herewith among which Agriculture, Forestry Environment & Industry section or Natural Resource Management section being the one newly established. This section delivers the technical service like participatory planning, it's implementation and evaluation management of the above sector programmes and project of the district. Besides these, the section formulate short and long term policies, management strategy and public awareness programmes so that people under programmes affected area are motivated to feel that the projects are for themselves welfare.

Nepal is the landlocked, one of the agro-based economy country in the world where more than 80% people in this impoverished nation earn their living from agriculture. Inspite of the concentration of huge work force in agriculture, the productivity is extremely low in the country. Statistics reveal that more than 40% of the population below the poverty line, unable to meet their basic requirements. With rapid growing population, the problem is going to be worse in the days to come. Although It's not so lack the potential. Has a sufficient natural resources and diverse of favorable agro-climates. It has not been much able to exploit the opportunities due to lack of money and skilled manpower in proper planning & evaluation management sector. As a result most of farmers are bound to labour very hard for a little product.

However, many 5years plans and long term perspective plan have been developed and many programs like Bisheswor Among the Poor, Women Income Generating Programme etc were implemented to alleviate the poverty prevalent in rural areas 44% but they couldn't be accomplished because of weak implementing and evaluation management of the project and also not fulfillment the demand guided by policy & strategy from govt. side. As a result in the one hand there is over use and improper use of the available natural resources and other hand some resources are still unused.

Beside these, large numbers of development projects are implemented through NGO's and Government organization to uplift the living standard of people but due to lack of knowledge in planning, evaluation management of the project to the officials; the projects are duplicating and overlapping in one area. A part from these, the govt. devoluted the program like agriculture extension, livestock, primary health and primary education programme to the DDC in the concept of Local Self Governance Act 1999. But it won't be fruitful without sound technical manpower in DDC because of presence of weak project selection criteria, no effective monitoring and evaluation, audit and accounting system. So I am dreaming to re-standerdize planning and evaluation management guidelines to give development vision and make them to be followed effectively. That is why I think we should not do late to gear up a Campaign so that we can generate resources like money and manpower and awareness in the people as well as in the Government.

I am a permanent Staff of this organization as a programme officer since 4 years. I will continue my job in this organization after completion of this course. I will utilize this knowledge acquired there in for improved programme planning, its implementation and quantitative & qualitative evaluation management using statistical tools which will be led by my organization and at the same time I will transfer acquired knowledge to other staffs and people through workshop, seminar and many other concerned training programmes. I think that the new skills and knowledge will be most useful for me to provide expertise to both planning as well as working levels. Which further can be used as good tools to develop the public awareness programme for utilizing the unused human and natural resources. This can be obtained by motivating them to evaluate the ongoing and completed development project and its impact & effect and efficiency & sustainability management. So master's course of development evaluation and management will be really fruitful for my country as well as myself and I promise to return back to my country and serve the people with the acquired knowledge.
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it was a great help thank you
Annon..will u correct my motivational letter too? please! If u concess to it..where should i post it???? I can't show the letter to my friends out here for correction because i don't feel comfortable owing to my not so good english.

Help me!

We don't send out personal replies by email and we don't provide letters for people. If you want us to help you will have to post your own letter here for advice.

Hi there,

I have been working out my head to come out with a letter of motivation to apply for admission into a foriegn university,am a holder of a BA in Geography and wish to further my education ,so one of my requirements include a letter of motivation,so i will be very happy if u can help me write one.I wish to go register in the Faculty of education and i need a motivation letter,i will be very happy if u can reply me through my e mail address Thanks for ur piece was very nice.

Bye and waiting
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Hi Siberian girl ,
I desperately need letter of motivation for my higher studies.I am looking for example letters. Can you share your letter of motivstion .
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